What is a Professional Regulatory Organization?

Serving the Public's Interest

Professional regulatory organizations are generally self-governing professional bodies, incorporated under a statute that provides for the regulation of that profession. These bodies regulate the standards of education and experience required of members to enter the profession or occupation, their standards of practice, continuing education requirements and conduct of members, and investigate and adjudicate complaints from the public or other members about alleged unprofessional conduct.

The Alberta Land Surveyors' Association serves the public through:

  • Requiring practitioners to adhere to a Code of Ethics established through a government regulation;
  • Ensuring non-licensed individuals and companies do not engage in the practice of land surveying;
  • Ensuring only qualified individuals and companies determine or establish boundaries or determine the location of anything relative to a boundary or provide advice about boundaries;
  • Having public members appointed by government serve on the Association's Council and Practice Review Board to ensure the Alberta Land Surveyors' Association does act in the public interest;
  • Ensuring licensed practitioners are reviewed and assessed at least once every four years through the Association's Continuing Competency Review program.

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The Alberta Land Surveyors' Association (ALSA) is a self-governing professional association legislated under the Land Surveyors Act. The Association regulates the practice of land surveying for the protection of the public and administration of the profession.