Council is the governing body of the Alberta Land Surveyors' Association. The Council does not participate directly in the day-to-day management and administration of the Association's affairs but establishes the Association's framework, governance, operational policies and priorities.

2021 Council


Next Council Meeting

John Byrne, ALS, President, Edmonton
  Council meetings are open to the public. The next Council meeting is Tuesday, November 9th at 9:30 a.m.
Kevin Swabey, ALS, Vice-President, Calgary    
Steven Van Berkel, ALS, Secretary-Treasurer, Edmonton   Please join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone:
Bruce Drake, ALS, Past-President, Edmonton    
Russ Barnes, Public Member, Medicine Hat   How to Join the Meeting
Bryan Bates, ALS, Councillor, Calgary   1. Go to to join from your browser
Ben de Jong, ALS, Councillor, Edmonton   2. Enter your Name
James Durant, ALS, Councillor, Calgary   3. Check off the “I am not a robot” captcha
LeMont Edwards, ALS, Councillor, Fort McMurray   4. Select JOIN
Jennifer Jackson, ALS, Councillor, Calgary    
Nicholas Ronsko, ALS, Councillor, Edmonton    


Governance Documents

2021 Strategic Plan

Governance Manual
Rationale Document
Boundary Panel Handbook
Continuing Competency Review Framework & Procedures Policy
Discipline Committee Procedures Guide (In Development)
Historical Collections Policy Manual
Articling Pupil Handbook
Affiliate Member and AIT Handbook
Registration Committee Members Handbook (In Development)
Unauthorized Practice Review Process


Council Report

10020 - 101A Avenue
Suite 1000
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3G2
1-800-665-2572 (Toll Free)

The Alberta Land Surveyors' Association (ALSA) is a self-regulating professional association legislated under the Land Surveyors Act. The Association regulates the practice of land surveying for the protection of the public.