Hybrid Cadastre Standards, Version 3.0

The Director of Surveys Office has been collaborating with a consulting group of ALSs to make the Hybrid Cadastre Standards practical and functional. We are planning to publish Version 3.0 of the Standards later this month.

There will be a number of significant changes, however this should not impact how surveyors prepare hybrid plans prior the release date, even if those plans aren’t submitted until after that date.  Any plan signed prior to the release of Version 3.0 will be reviewed either using the version which was in effect on the signing date (V2.2), or the current version (V3.0), whichever is more permissive as long as it doesn’t create conflicting information on the plan.

Some of the more significant changes include the separation between new and existing establishment coordinates (similar to placed and found evidence) and in some circumstances, the allowance for creating ECs off the boundary of the disposition being surveyed.  We hope these changes will eliminate the issues of sequencing of filing and other pinch points which can be encountered using the current Standards.

A webinar is being planned soon through the ALSA to highlight these changes and answer questions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Reid Egger at reid.egger@gov.ab.ca.

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