Professional Liability Insurance Webinar – Register Now

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, things go wrong. Fortunately, as part of our public protection responsibility, we all carry professional liability insurance. However, there are things we can do (and things we shouldn’t do) to ensure our insurance coverage is there for us when we need it.
On June 22, 2021 at noon, join host Scott Westlund with special guests Mitch Ettinger and Mark Sampson for a discussion about professional liability insurance.
At the end of this webinar, you will:
  1. Know when to call your insurance broker.
  2. Know how to avoid making a situation worse.
  3. Have a ‘script’ for what to say to a client/homeowner when you are notified about an alleged error/mistake.
  4. Know how to make a claim.
Please register at:

10020 - 101A Avenue
Suite 1000
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3G2
1-800-665-2572 (Toll Free)

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