Welcome New Director of Practice Review – Kurt Popadynetz, ALS

Kurt Popadynetz, ALS, will be the next Director of Practice Review of the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association.
Kurt received his commission in 2013 after articling to Doug Lunty, ALS. Kurt’s experience is in both the oil & gas and municipal sectors. He has been with Global Raymac Surveys since 2017.
Kurt is a past-chair of the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association Registration Committee.
As Director of Practice Review, Kurt will be responsible for the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association’s continuing competency review program and professional development program. Kurt will also manage the Association’s Boundary Panel.
Kurt Popadynetz will start his new responsibilities on December 12, 2022. He takes over from Scott Westlund, ALS who moves on to Midwest Surveys after twelve years with the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association.