Marker Post: This reminder is redundant!

At almost every meeting, the PRB discusses a CCR where there is no record of redundancy checks recorded in the field notes.
The PRB recommends practitioners review sections in the Manual of Standard Practice that mention redundancy.
  • The position of every monument included in a GNSS survey, either found or placed, shall be verified with sufficient redundant observations or comparison with published information (e.g., registered plans, survey control).
In most cases, the checks have been made, there is just no obvious record of them. If taking a second observation on each point after losing lock is your standard procedure, and it’s always followed, you might consider adding something to the field notes to indicate that a redundancy check on the found and placed evidence was made. For example, a generic statement in the title block might indicate that posts marked with an * are observed twice or point numbers in the 3000 range are observed twice after losing lock…

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