Competency Profile for Prospective Land Surveyors in Alberta

The ALSA Registration Committee is sending the draft competency profile out to the members of the profession and other stakeholders for consultation. The Committee, would like to get your feedback on the essential competencies and performance indicators.
  1. Are there any competencies and performance indicators that are missing?
  2. Are any of the competencies and performance indicators not relevant?
  3. What are the top five or six competencies that a pupil must have in order to protect the public?

Once the consultation is complete, the Registration Committee will review the feedback and make any necessary changes to the competency profile before sending it to Council for final approval. This competency profile will be the primary source of information used to create blueprints for the ALSA regulatory examinations.

The draft core competencies are open for consultation until April 30. Please submit your comments to Registrar, Rosalind Broderick.