ALS News - From the ALS News Vault - Articles Now Available in the Essential Resources for Alberta Land Surveyors

Council has accepted the Standards Committee recommendation that the following ALS News articles be added to the Essential Resources for Alberta Land Surveyors document because they contain information that is considered necessary knowledge to practice land surveying in Alberta.
Plan Checking 101 – Closures and Two Other Key Plan Examination Steps (April 8, 2022)
By Scott Westlund, ALS
This article reviews the importance of closures and how to draft plans in a manner where closures are most effective.
Can I Get a Witness? (March 11, 2022)
by Randy Smith, ALS
There are several examples throughout the article where it illustrates the best evidence to re-establish a missing position and explains why a Ref.I might be used in certain situations.
Removal of a Survey Monument (October 15, 2021)
By Scott Westlund, ALS
This is a short article, but it’s loaded with information. There are great examples of of when a court order is required and when permission is needed from the DOS regarding removal of a monument.
Re-Established vs. Restored (July 16, 2021)
By Scott Westlund, ALS
This article is about mislabelling IPs on survey plans as re-established versus restored and vice versa. It highlights the value of field crews understanding this difference, and how their uses can change the significance of the monument and the weight it is given during future surveys.
When is a Quarter Section Considered Surveyed (March 2004)
By Lyall Pratt, ALS
In the Alberta land surveying community, there is debate in some cases as to whether particular quarter sections are surveyed or unsurveyed. The debate centres on whether two posts define a quarter section or whether three posts are needed.