ALS News: From the President - Reflecting on the First Month as President

LeMont W. Edwards, ALS

Reflecting on the First Month as President
Jasper was an extraordinary event, filled with exciting encounters with friends and colleagues, as well as the anticipation of what this year would bring. The journey began swiftly with a two-day retreat for strategic planning, expertly facilitated by the talented Debora Rothermel. Despite her occasional mix-up with names, the retreat proved to be insightful, considering my five years on Council. We covered a wide range of topics, setting the stage for a highly productive year ahead.
Enhancing the Registration Process
During this year's planning session, we delved into the intricacies of our registration process. Our goal is to streamline it, ensuring a smooth experience for applicants while maintaining its robustness. Ultimately, we aim to attract and identify quality candidates for careers in land surveying.
Navigating the Professional Governance Act (PGA)
A key focus during the retreat was the upcoming Professional Governance Act or the "PGA." This forthcoming legislation compels us to re-evaluate and revise our policies, procedures, regulations, and bylaws. While the task may seem daunting, I have full confidence in our strong executive director, Brian Munday, and his exceptional team. They are an invaluable asset to our association, and it is a pleasure collaborating with them through this process.
Embracing Change
While enthusiasm may be lacking, the beauty of this new act lies in its potential to align us with other professional organizations. By understanding their governance structures and fundamental criteria, we can build a stronger and more cohesive community of professionals, elevating our standing in this great nation. These are my personal thoughts and hopes for the future.
Exploring Our Nation
From proudly waving our flag to embarking on a journey across our beautiful country, I am excited to represent our association to the best of my ability. As I visit our sister organizations, I anticipate gaining valuable insights into their passions and struggles. I hope to bring back small accomplishments that can contribute to our ongoing processes and initiatives.
Upcoming Visits
On May 20, 2024, I set off for Prince Edward Island to attend a joint conference between the Association of Canada Lands Surveyors, the Association of PEI Land Surveyors, and Professional Surveyors Canada. This gathering was both enlightening and engaging. Following that, I ventured onwards to Newfoundland, traversing both land and sea, to attend the Association of Newfoundland Land Surveyors AGM in St. John's. I eagerly look forward to these experiences and will provide updates in my next article.
In conclusion, as I reflect on the first month of my presidency, I am filled with optimism and excitement for the year ahead. The strategic planning retreat has set the stage for a productive and transformative period, as we navigate the challenges presented by the Professional Governance Act. I am grateful for the support of our exceptional team and look forward to representing our association with pride and enthusiasm. Stay tuned for more updates in the future.