AER One Stop Update Delayed

The Alberta Energy Regulator issued the following announcement on May 21:

The AER has made an announcement as of yesterday evening indicating a delay to our OneStop release, please see the link below. This will affect our current plan for training that was to start in June; they are delayed until further notice.

Issues on Friday in testing where bugs that had been resolved started coming back. We hoped that those could be rectified over the weekend but testing Monday and early Tuesday indicated further investigation was required.

As this affects our ability to complete data sharing testing with GOA, a decision to delay until further notice was made.

As such, we have worked with GOA to reopen EDS until further notice. We anticipate that we will have a better handle on the health of our build by Friday and will be able to provide an update at that point.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to our CCC at 403-297-8311 (1-855-297-8311 toll free) or by email at

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Suite 1000
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3G2
1-800-665-2572 (Toll Free)

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