Please Complete Compensation Survey Questionnaire - January 23rd Deadline

This is the Alberta Land Surveyors' Association's second annual salary survey.

The purpose of this survey is to collect reliable data on compensation levels from our members. Historically, data that has been published has been unreliable. We believe that this unreliable data on compensation levels has caused confusion and may have discouraged some young people from entering the profession.

Please set aside a few minutes (10 to 15) today to fill out the attached Survey Monkey questionnaire.


Thank you for your help.

Read This First:

1. All responses are anonymous. Identifying data on the contributor will not be retained or provided to the Association.
2. In order to preserve confidentiality, data will not be reported unless a minimum number of responses are received for each question.
3. We have set a deadline for participating in this survey of January 23. Initial survey results will be shared with the membership as soon as possible.
4. The questionnaire is intended for ALSA members, including articled students, but not for technical staff. Each member/pupil should complete their own questionnaire.
5. Please answer the questions as of December 31, 2019. For example, if you were an articling pupil at December 31, 2019 but now commissioned as an Alberta Land Surveyor, answer the question as an articling pupil.

Last year's results are available in the MyMember section of the ALSA website.

Start the questionnaire now.

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