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If you're applying for an Articled Pupil membership, please have make sure you have the following materials completed and ready:

  • Your Articling Resume
  • A report outlining program of training and experience to be undertaken during the proposed period of articles (see "Eligibility for Articles" in the Pupil Handbook - there is no form for this item, please submit a written outline of how the pupil intends to complete articles).
  • Your application to article (please use the print button on the confirmation page to save a copy of the application)
  • The fees required by the bylaws (currently $250 for the annual membership plus $200 for filing the articles of service plus $40 for the CBEPS Levy plus GST), which you will pay at the end of the application

If you're applying for an Affiliate membership, please have make sure you have the following material ready:

  • A Letter of Good Standing from your home association
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