Notice of Re-survey Confirmation and Registration

An official re-survey under sections 39 and 48 of the Surveys Act has recently been approved and confirmed by the Minister of Environment and Parks and subsequently registered at the Northern Alberta Land Titles Office.

The re-survey took place in communities affected by the 2016 wildfire in Fort McMurray, namely Abasand, Beacon Hill, Draper, Saprae Creek, Stonecreek, Waterways, and Wood Buffalo. The plans were registered as followed:

192 0007 – Wood Buffalo
192 0010 – Stonecreek
192 0014 – Abasand (North)
192 0044 – Beacon Hill (North)
192 0075 – Waterways
192 0078 – Draper
192 0080 – Abasand (South)
192 0081 – Saprae Creek
192 0083 – Beacon Hill (South)

Please note these are delayed posting plans pursuant to section 47 of the Surveys Act and the final posting has yet to be completed. While the re-survey plans do not affect any title descriptions, it is essential to note that the evidence accepted as found or placed along the surveyed boundaries (including section 47 coordinates) has been given governing status with the registration of the plans, regardless of whether any original evidence is subsequently found (Surveys Act section 41). All underlying subdivision plans have received a stamp referencing the appropriate re-survey plan number. Further information about the re-survey was registered with each plan as a registered document.

The Director of Surveys office would like to thank the surveying community for their patience and assistance during the re-survey process. Your cooperation during this time has served the public well and has provided a strong survey fabric for the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo for years to come.

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