AER/AEP Regulatory Efficiency Initiatives

I am working on an AER/AEP regulatory efficiency initiatives focused towards sustaining the public-land based industries competitiveness. The project is being led by AER and AEP regulators, and I am involved as their technical advisor.  

I have summarized here, what is being proposed and solicit your input/comments by February 11th. 

The first initiative affects long-term renewals and amendments for short to long-term tenure of dispositions. It does not affect the application when the current plan of record is a sketch and the plan required for the renewal, or the final plan in accordance with the PLAR Tables, is a survey plan. In these cases, an as-built survey plan is required.

Going forward, if there is a valid plan of survey on record, and there is no change to the boundary of the disposition, an applicant will no longer be required to provide proof that the activity is within the boundaries of the disposition through a statutory declaration. The renewal application will not ask the applicant to declare that the activity is within the boundaries of the disposition.

The Director (pursuant to the Public Lands Act, not the DOS) reserves the right to request that the disposition holder provide this proof at any time in the disposition tenure or to amend the disposition accordingly with an as-built survey plan. This request may happen prior to, subsequent to, or during the review of the renewal, if the activity appears to be outside the disposition boundaries. Please note that the standards for disposition plans in the past were not as explicit as today; an existing plan of record may be a sketch according to current standards as opposed to a plan of survey. Please contact the DOS office for our opinion for specific cases

The second initiative affects the reclamation of dispositions. The reclamation application and related documentation are been updated to clarify that a new as-built survey plan signed by an ALS is not required for full reclamation. The application does require the most recent existing survey plan or sketch that was used to apply for, amend or renew surface rights. Applicants may request the services of land surveyors to stake out the boundaries and may request a sketch in support of their reclamation activities.

In the case of partial reclamation or where the legal access to other activities is cut-off by full reclamation, an amendment must be submitted either to the disposition being partially reclaimed or to an associated disposition. To facilitate partial reclamation, the DOS office has been working with the ALSA Crown Plan Standards Consulting Group (of the Standards Committee) on a survey product called a "compiled plan".  It will allow amendments for the purpose of partial reclamation to be submitted without showing new field survey information on the plan, only showing survey information based on existing survey plans of record. This plan type will be allowed for partial assignments as well where there are existing survey plans covering the dispositions.

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