Wetland Delineation Seminar - CALGARY DATES CANCELLED - Register Now in Edmonton

UPDATE - Unfortunately due to lack of attendance, the Calgary dates have been cancelled. There is still an opportunity to register for the Edmonton dates, 20 people are needed to continue with the seminar. Please contact Kerry Barrett at barrett@alsa.ab.ca if you require assistance.

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In this three-day custom seminar we will gain a better understanding and appreciation of the ecological systems that affect the complex and dynamic transitional areas between the bed and shore and become more familiar with the Alberta Government’s Wetland policy, how this influences our job and what it takes to become certified to evaluate wetlands.
The direct benefits of taking this course will include gaining a better understanding of:
  • The ecological definitions of aquatic, riparian and upland habitat.
  • Key ecological indicators of aquatic and riparian habitats.
  • The policies and legislation that are relevant to the delineation of water boundaries (Section 17 of Surveys Act, Public Lands Act, Water Act, Provincial Wetland Policy, Municipal Wetland and Riparian Policies), where to find these policies and the gaps or inconsistencies that exist in this legislation.
  • How hydrological processes influence plant types and soil around a body of water.
  • The type of vegetation species that live in different habitat zones.
  • Soils and soil type indicators in and around water bodies.
  • How climate change might affect water bodies.
  • Professional requirements for wetland reporting (classifying, defining permanence, delineating based on the Wetland Identification and Delineation Directive, assessing condition).
  • The difference between a wetland and a lake and between a natural and man-made wetland.
  • Desktop tools that support delineating water bodies and riparian habitats.

The field component of this course will provide a hands-on look at key vegetation and soil indicators that can be used to identify aquatic, wetland, riparian and upland habitat. In the field component of the course participants will better understand how to:
  • Sample vegetation and soil and identify plant species.
  • Identify a high-water mark based on soil conditions and vegetation indicators.
  • Identify key, site specific, hydrological processes that might affect water levels.

Single and multiple registrations can be completed on the ALSA website under Events. You must be logged into the website to register. Please contact Kerry Barrett at barrett@alsa.ab.ca if you require assistance.

Dates and Location:
April 2 and 3 – Banff Room, Derrick Golf & Winter Club, 3500 - 119 Street NW, Edmonton
(Registration Deadline: March 26)
Field trip date in June and locations to be finalized
Time: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Please Bring: A laptop on the second day, if possible or there may be someone at each table who could bring one. No specific software is required, just need to connect to WiFi.
Who is Invited: ALSs, articled students, your staff and clients, land surveyors from other jurisdictions, Pro-10 members, etc. Non-ALSA members will have to pay by credit card to register.
Cost: $750 + GST (including lunch)
Comments from 2018 Participants:
  • “… the wetlands seminar was very well executed and very relevant to legal survey applications. This is an example of the ALSA being proactive on a significant issue. Well worth the $750.”
  •  “Presenters were well prepared and very clear/concise”
  •  “Obvious that they enjoy teaching and have a lot of experience with both beginner and advanced audiences. Very engaging.”
  •  “It was especially great that they picked wetlands that weren’t obvious and not the textbook situation… the type of waterbodies I know get mislabeled or sometimes missed entirely on our surveys.”
  •  “This was an excellent day! A great way to spend time discussing one of the most troubling activities in surveying – identifying correctly natural boundaries of waters and wetlands.”
Presenter: Fiera Biological Consulting

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