Boundary Markers

Survey evidence is serious business. The marking of property boundaries, the exclusive responsibility of Alberta Land Surveyors, is a very complex and highly specialized activity.  It is critical that boundaries be determined and marked accurately so it is clear where properties begin and end.

Landowners need to know where property boundaries are. Without owners knowing boundary locations buildings could be on property lines, it could be difficult to meet set-back requirements, neighbours could build on the wrong side of the line, and safety problems could occur with construction over gas lines or other utility rights-of-way.

The Torrens system of land registration used in Alberta involves the recording of legal land descriptions based upon the precise location of boundary markers provided by legal surveys. Thanks to this registration system and the recording of boundary information, development occurs easily and the transfer of property is simplified as few problems occur when ownership of land changes.

A practical guide to survey markers for the homeowner, the handyman and the contractor. Click here to view the "Boundary Marker" brochure on boundary markers. If you would like to print the brochure, you may print it at home or at a professional printer.